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Grand Rapids Barbell is home to some of the strongest competitive powerlifters in West Michigan. We train throughout greater Grand Rapids and surrounding areas and compete at both local and national levels.


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F*&@ You Hormones!
We’ve all experienced it. Whether it be a friend, significant other, sibling or being a woman yourself, we have all had the pleasure of interacting with a...
[Juggernaut Training Systems]

Two HRV Case Studies
Heart rate variability (HRV) has been getting a ton of press lately, and with good reason. We all know that training, nutrition and recovery always has been, and always will be,...
[Robertson Training Systems]

We Are Not Cinderellas
The lessons of success translate from sports, to everyday life, and to lifting....
[Elite FTS]

Applied Sprint Training
by Keith Enderlein Editors Note: We do not have any affiliation with this product but simply want to share it with you because it is a great resource and its author, James Smith,...
[Juggernaut Training Systems]

Important Business Partnership Announcement
Working harder to become the best company in the powerlifting and strength training industry!...
[Elite FTS]

Big Guys Use Bad Form
What's called "cheating" by the form police may be just what you need to add some serious size....
[T-Nation Articles]

4 Squat Challenges You Must Conquer
Ready to find out what you're made of? Warning: Your momma needs to sign a note before you try these front squat challenges!...
[T-Nation Articles]

5 More Thoughts on Energy System Development
A few weeks back, my article 10 Nuggets, Tips and Tricks for Energy System Training got some great reviews. However, I don’t feel as though people should take what I say as...
[Robertson Training Systems]


Joe Defranco's Limber 11 is an update to his original, widely popular Agile 8 flexibility routine. This video gives a very detailed step-by-step demonstration to follow along with.

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The original Agile 8